Before working with Danielle, my husband and I were getting up 2 or 3 times during the night. Now our son sleeps through the night, 12 hours…and because he is able to rest, so can we. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Bedtime Bliss!

– Michelle L.

When I left my house without shoes on one morning, I decided we needed help! Previously, I laughed at the idea of a sleep consultant. Now, I wish I would have done it for my first two kids! Danielle is beyond kind, patient, and understanding! Well worth it!

– Danielle T.

Danielle is fantastic! We were debating on when to move our little guy to his own room and crib and speaking to friends about their experiences and finally decided to go for it. Danielle made the transition relatively simple, and it was so great having someone to talk to about any questions/concerns that came up. She definitely recognizes that while babies are similar, they are all uniquely individual. She makes suggestions based on you and your baby, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Everyone is sleeping in their own room/bed and sleeping longer and better! Naps are better too!

– Katie M.

My 5 month old was waking up sometimes 4 times a night and only napping for 20 minutes at a time. Now he sleeps 11-12 hours a night soundly and naps like a champ! Danielle showed us how to teach our son one of the most important skills he could ever learn. Very professional and helpful and we honestly think her consulting was priceless.

– Rebecca M.

Our 14 month old was inconsistent with sleeping on and off throughout the night. We would have good weeks then bad weeks. On bad weeks, he would wake a couple times during the night screaming for no end until he got a bottle to go back to sleep. We were beginning to become anxious every night for bedtime wondering if he would sleep the whole night or wake up constantly. Thank goodness for Danielle! She provided a customized plan for our son specific to his needs. Was there to answer any questions and guided us through the entire process. Only took our son a couple nights until he was sleeping 11-12 hours and waking up with a smile on his face. Plus no more bottles or pacifiers! Believe me, I had my worries and doubts that it would not work, but I was wrong! Wish I would have started this from the beginning! You and your baby will be in good hands and sleeping restfully in no time. Thank you Danielle!

– Angelle B.

Our now 5 month old starting having trouble sleeping towards the end of May. We tried everything to get him to nap and sleep but nothing worked. I was tired, frustrated and felt defeated so I reached out to Danielle. Within a week our little guys sleep habits started to show great improvement. His naps are improving day to day and he is now sleeping all night. He may not be waking/sleeping at the same exact times each day but he’s within a 30 minute window and now I can clearly see his “I’m tired” cues. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Danielle because she has us all rested again.

– Jenn M.

I knew we needed some guidance when our daughter (six months old at the time) decided she wasn’t going to sleep through the night anymore. Danielle wrote us a customized sleep schedule and held our hand every single step of the way. By night three Willa was sleeping 10-12 hours again! And, for the first time ever, Willa was taking long naps in her crib. Thank you for helping my husband and I teach our daughter healthy sleep habits and allowing me to reclaim my rest as well!

– Ashleigh V.

Thank you Danielle for helping our little man learn to sleep through the night! It’s is comforting to watch him put himself to sleep and sleep all night. It has also helped him as well as mommy and daddy function better throughout the day 🙂 he went from waking up every 3 hours screaming to sleeping for 11-12 hours a night!! 3 weeks and counting of “bedtime bliss”!!

– Kara M.

Hi, I’m Danielle!

Danielle is a certified sleep consultant residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband and son. Her gentle approach to sleep has helped over 200 families around the world regain their sleep. If you are struggling with sleep, send her a note to discuss how you can achieve healthy sleep for the whole family!





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