Prenatal + Newborn Consultation

Baton Rouge Newborn Sleep Consultant

Whether you just found out you were expecting or you have already brought that little bundle of joy home, this package will guide you in laying the foundation for healthy sleep for years to come! During our time together, we will discuss: when to expect your baby to sleep longer stretches, appropriate wake windows, feeding schedules, night waking and safe sleep practices. As your newborn sleep expert in Baton Rouge, I created this package for families looking to establish healthy sleep habits from the start and without the need for sleep training.

Newborn Sleep Package

0-2 Months

Included in this package: 


    • A private, 60 minute consultation where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems, and learn how to address bedtime, night waking, and any other specific issues you might be dealing with. We will chat about your newborn sleep needs, how to teach your baby the difference between day and night, how to establish the right sleep environment, sleep strategies that will encourage healthy sleep habits, and when to expect your little one to sleep through the night.


    • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan that I will prepare for your family. This plan will address your child’s individual needs and will provide you with clear and easy to follow steps to teach your child healthy sleep habits. 


    • Five follow-up phone calls during the week following the consultation. These will last 15 minutes, and we’ll use them to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any questions.


    • E-mail support during our time together. Send messages daily during our three weeks together, and I guarantee one response within a business day.


    • Resource Guide. Upon completion of the plan and our four weeks together, I will give you a guide on topics including travel tips, moving from the crib to bed, and dealing with Daylight Savings.


    • Sample schedules ages 0-3 years.

Investment: $325

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Danielle is a certified sleep consultant residing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband and son. Her gentle approach to sleep has helped over 200 families around the world regain their sleep. If you are struggling with sleep, send her a note to discuss how you can achieve healthy sleep for the whole family!




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